Having access to a team with extensive knowledge and experience with the property sector is an advantage for any first time buyer. If you’re looking to make the big move to London and the UK or want to purchase a second home internationally, Phamphy Projects Ltd is on hand to guide you every step of the way.

Hugely competitive market

Your dream property could be closer than you think. By registering your interest with our property buyers, we can send you a notification as soon as a suitable property makes it onto the market. The property market in London especially is fierce, so time really is of the essence. Whether it’s a fixer upper or a finished product that you require, we can make your dream one step closer.

Flips and sells – ideal for investors

There’s a way to make money out of property if you’ve got the nerve to see it through. House flipping involves buying a property in need of renovation, completing the work as cost effectively as possible, then placing the completed house back on the market. At Phamphy Projects Ltd, we have the knowledge and the contacts to make your property flipping business profitable. Get in touch to find out more.

Home is where the heart is

With experience in property markets across the globe, we’re firmly placed as one of the leading property development advisers in the UK. If you want to purchase a second home, a chalet in the Alps or a beach hut in the Maldives, our experts are on hand to show you properties as soon as they hit the market. We waste no time – you’ll have your dream property as quickly as we can make it happen.

Giving you inside access into the property market in the UK and internationally. Call